Monday, September 19, 2011


To start the posting off, I'd like to thank Joshua Schipp for introducing this to me, as he claims is an integral part of the fall season. Purchased from Hy-vee. This will be my first attempt to review a wine, as much of my palate is acquainted with beer.
Tasted room temperature and reviewed warmed.

Appearance: A light yellowed color with a subtle touch of amber. Clarity is exceptional as the liquid licks up the sides of the glass. Very still looking and pristine.
Aroma: Strong cider and honeyed aspect with a touch of medicinality and clove. An acidity is present that pierces the nostrils. Not very much of the pumpkin is present as the apple is a predominating factor. Spicings are reminiscent of cinnamon and coriander. Subtle citric acid undertone. Phenols are highly present.
Taste: Cidery and spiced.
 - Initial: Tartness from the apples.
 - Evolution: Warming sensations as the alcohol vapors over the tongue and heat the chest. Bittering tannins leave the palate dry. Some spicing, but relatively negligible and well balanced. Pumpkin non-existent.
Finish: Smooth, warm and enticingly pleasing.
Texture: Hardly any weight to it. Very fluid and soft.
Overall Impression: This really does warm the body up. Very complete and universal. In no way does it go from sweet to bitter and tannic. I do however wish there was more of a pumpkin. Apparently (to Josh) the apple really bite hard on this batch.

Note: Branding really had an issue. If the bottle were red, perhaps the tasting notes would change. But because it was orange and the bottle said Pumpkin, it seemed to be a missing component to a really exceptional fall festive product.

Price: $8.99